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Welcome to Pull 4 Purpose, founded by Troy Conley-Magnusson in 2020 we are a group of Strongmen who are dedicated to performing truly world class feats of strength to help raise money for Charities and those who need it most.


Throughout 2020 and 2021 Troy spearheaded the now infamous #carpullforkids campaign where he completed over 40 different Feats of Strength including setting 4 new World Records and he even pulled a 220 Tonne Tallship across Sydney’s Circular Quay- but the best part- he successfully raised over $66,000 for Hyundai Help for Kids to support 3 of their amazing partners in Little Wings, Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia.


As we head into 2022 Troy and his team are more determined to keep the good work going strong but this time he’s not alone.


Teaming up with one of his best mate’s Damian Jones the duo are planning to take on some of the biggest challenges ever seen in Australia as they look to set some new World Records with some truly spectacular tandem pulls and head to head races!


What remains key though is they continue the fundraising and in 2022 this will be dedicated to Little Wings, a non for profit organisation based in Bankstown, Sydney.


Little Wings supplies critical support and transport for families in regional parts of NSW whose children are seriously ill or injured and need to either receive treatment at the Children’s Hospital Westmead or John Hunter in Newcastle.


These conditions can vary in severity and can be anything from broken bones, cancer, leukemia, cystic fibrosis and other complications. Little Wings receives $0 from the Government and are solely funded by donations from both the Public and Corporate sector but as you can imagine throughout the pandemic this has meant a massive pause from some usual donors as they just don’t physically have the money to help and all at a time when they’ve been needed more than ever.


So our mission this year- simple, raise enough money for Little Wings that they can get another vehicle added to their fleet, with just 1 more vehicle they can look to help even more families and thanks to our good mates at Hyundai we’ve got a great deal on a brand new set of wheels – but we need your help to get it on the road.


Every donation over $2 is 100% tax deductable so seeming as the Governments are generally pretty useless with our taxes why not give them a little less to waste while giving Little Wings a little more where eery single $ makes a genuine difference.

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Age: 39

Height: 180cm

Weight: 165kg

Strongman Experience: 8yrs

Resides: Sydney, NSW

Occupation: Account Manager at Creative Visuals

Sporting Career Highlight: Setting my first Guinness World Record at the Brisbane Truck Show- this was for the Heaviest Vehicle Pushed over 100feet and was done with a Freightliner Cascadia weighing 11,770kg’s!

Greatest Sporting Moment: Pulling 16 different Hyundai’s over 5mtrs in 2021 to finish the #carpullforkids campaign, after failing to achieve the 5mtrs in 2020 there was A LOT of blood, sweat and plenty of tears that went into the 364 days of training for redemption.

Hero’s and Role Models: Zydrunas Savickas, Rev Kevin Fast and Mark Felix- all 3 amazing athletes that just get better with age

Favourite Quote: It’s no mystery, when people come together, incredible things follow.

Favourite Food: Steak

Best Lifts: 310kg Deadlift, 255kg Squat, 170kg Bench Press, 167.5kg Overhead Press.

Fast Facts:

Currently Hold 3 Official Guinness World Records including the fastest 20mtrs to Pull a Light Aircraft with teeth

Pulled a 220 Tonne Tall Ship at Circular Quay, Sydney

Pulled an 11.5 tonne Bus with my Teeth

Only Australian to ever pull an Embraer E190



Age: 44

Height: 194cm

Weight: 140kg

Strongman Experience: 7yrs

Resides: Melbourne, VIC

Occupation: Senior Account Executive with Vista Print

Sporting Career Highlight: Competing twice at the Australian Arnold’s Strongman competitions- both times in my 40’s!

Greatest Sporting Moment: Taking a 525kg Yoke for a walk over 5mtrs

Hero’s and Role Models: Danny Trejo, Maggie Jones and John Eales

Favourite Quote: If you’re lucky enough to see the sun rise it means you have the chance to make anything happen.

Favourite Food: Irish Stew

Best Lifts: 320kg Deadlift, 300kg Squat, 160kg Bench Press, 170kg Atlas Stone

Fast Facts:

My Sober Date is 16/07/2010

Part of a Strongman team to pull a Hercules C130 with our bare hands

Damian Jones Cowboy Stare.jpg
Elly Portrait ASW.JPG



Age: 29

Height: 183cm

Weight: 95kg

Strongman Experience: 3 years

Resides: Sydney, NSW

Occupation: Primary School Teacher

Sporting Career Highlight: Competing at the Official Strongman Games 2022, placing 22nd in the world and hitting two personal bests while I was there.

Greatest Sporting Moment: Setting an Australian record in the Open Women’s Farmers Carry in March 2022 (110kg per hand), breaking it again in April 2022 (115kg per hand) and again at OSG in November 2022 (122.5kg per hand).

Hero’s and Role Models: Inez Carrasquillo and Annabelle Chapman. Both incredible strongwoman athletes and genuinely beautiful humans.

Favourite Quote: It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. -Aristotle

Favourite Food: Pancakes

Best Lifts: Deadlift 220kg, Farmers Carry 122.5kg, Log 80kg, Stone 130kg, Squat 160kg

Fast Facts: 5th Australia’s Strongest Woman 2022 1st NSW Strongest Woman 2021 2nd NSW Strongest Woman 2020 & 2022

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2020, 2021 & 2022 Partner

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